Artist, Photographer, Digital Painter, Designer


I was born in musical family and started practicing music at age 3. I was practicing for about 5 hours every day but this did not stop me from starting to draw at age7. My first type of drawing (and still my favorite) was portrait. At age 15 I had my first big exhibition where I was surprised ( as any child would be) of all “WOWs“ I heard from the people attending.


The first time I was introduced to photography was at age 8 when I saw my uncle’s camera and his work it inspired me to see how different photography and painting could be. All my life, from an early childhood my primary subject has been people and the human eye. I believe that eyes are the window to the human soul. I always ask my models to show me their personality during the shoot. I am not looking for a pretty face I am looking for a person’s personality. Because of my artistic background my photography is telling a story with images. The technical aspect in my photography is very important to me, especially when it comes to lighting. I don’t like any shadows on my subjects unless I do it on purpose. I spent about two years to find the lightning technique that I love and am happy with.


I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop version 1.0. And since that time Photoshop has become my everything, my soul, my method of communication, my method to express myself. I am always saying “ Nothing is impossible with Photoshop”. My work in Photoshop includes everything from photo retouching, web design and image manipulation to digital painting. This is a very special world to me.


I truly believe that with Adobe Photoshop we can make this world more beautiful and less violence