A Digital Sketch from Your Favorite Photo


Now you can have a custom, one of a kind digital sketch from one of your favorite photos. This is not just a filter or a trace, but a custom by hand digital sketch. Using the latest technologies and drawing tools your favorite photo will be sketched by hand and returned to your in a high resolution digital file subtitle for printing or sharing on social media.


About the photo you submit

Your photo should be clear (not out of focus) and the main subject(s) should be easily recognizable. No group photos please. The photo should be of one to two subjects (ie. an individual or couple). If it’s an old or damaged photo, this process does NOT include photo restoration. If the photo is badly scratched or pieces missing, it will be rejected. The photo can be in color or black and white. The digital sketch you will receive will be in black and white. It will NOT be colorized.


Turn around time

Your digital file will be emailed to you as a JPEG file in one to three business days. Because the process is buy hand, stroke by stroke it takes time.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Are you just going to run my submitted photo through Photoshop and apply a filter?

A. No, your submitted photo will be hand sketched from scratch on a blank digital canvas.


Q. Will you fix my photo first before sketching it?

A. No, this service doesn’t include any photo restoration or enhancement of any kind of your original file


Q. My original photo is in color, will you colorize the sketch?

A. No, the digital sketch you receive will be black and white (some shades of grey)


Q. I’m in a group of people, can you just sketch me and not the others?

A. No, please submit a photo of the subject alone and singled out


Q. Why does it take up to 3 days?

A. Because this is a custom process by hand. It’s not automated in any way. An artist will sketch your photo digitally by hand from scratch.


Q. Will you sketch my photo by hand on paper and just scan it in?

A. No, the process is digital from the start to finish sketched electronically stroke by stroke.


Q. Can I see some of your other sketches first?

A. Yes, simply head over to pavlovphotography.com


Q. What if I can’t receive JPG attachments via email, how will I receive my final photo?

A. Just let me know and I can also provide a download link for you to download your final sketch.

Price $24.99

After you pay with the PayPal link above you’ll be directed to the UPLOAD page to upload your picture that you want sketched.


You can also submit your contact info and any special instructions with the contact form below. Otherwise your PayPal email will be used to send your final sketch.

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